San Diego Sunset Lightroom Presets


San Diego Sunset Lightroom Presets

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These 7 unique Lightroom Presets well help you to add bright colors and tones to your existing photos in Adobe Lightroom. I created these presets specifically for photographing during the golden hour in San Diego, California and they are compatible with Lightroom 4-6 and Lightroom CCI.


7 Unique presets

  • 1. La Jolla Preset

  • 2. Ocean Beach Preset

  • 3. Pacific Beach Preset

  • 4. San Diego Preset

  • 5. Sunset Cliffs Preset

  • 6. Tourmaline Preset

  • 7. Windnsea Preset

-Vibrant & Colorful Effects

Sharp Tones

Unique for golden hour photography

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